5 letter words that end with ON

5 letter words that end with ON

5 letter words that end with ON

wordle offers people something new every morning to start the day, or every evening to end a night. After all, do a Wordle puzzle is extremely simple: solve a five letter word puzzle in six attempts. However, some Wordle puzzles are a bit more complicated than others, and this is the case for the June 16, 2022 Wordle 362.

But even the more difficult puzzles can be solved with a little help and guidance. Players may just need some tips and tricks to take on this challenge before cooking their favorite breakfast.


What it means

Players who got a little confused solving the June 16, 2022 Wordle may need a little more clues to crack the puzzle. In that regard, they might be aware of Wordle 362’s definition. That way, the definition can help them eliminate some guesses that clearly don’t fit the context of the word’s meaning.

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This Wordle puzzle involves a decorative or protective piece of clothing that is worn over your clothing and then fastened on the back. Although primarily used as a home wear, this item is also sometimes worn for X-ray examinations or as an official dress in some religious or philosophical denominations. It can also be about other things, such as an area adjacent to a larger structure, a projecting swath of a podium, an outer edge of a golf green, or the end of a driveway that takes the form of a widened pavement.

Technical Notes

People who find it a bit tricky to solve Wordle 362 despite knowing the meaning, may find a different style of tips more helpful. Players may want to consider checking out some more technical clues about the word in question:

  • The word has two syllables.
  • The word is a noun.

Suggestions for opening words

Wordle 362 is a difficult puzzle to crack, even if one knows the definition and technical clues. Fortunately, there are some other ways to solve this puzzle, such as figuring out some starting words to use. Players who want to get a head start on solving this puzzle may want to consider using these starters:

5 letter words that end with ON

Players who feel at their wits’ end trying to solve this puzzle shouldn’t give up right away. A last resort they can do is to identify some words that are closest to the puzzle presented without giving away the solution. The Wordle then ends with -ON, of which 83 letters with five letter words that fit the description. Here are some of those words, including the Worlde solution:


wordle is available to play in any browser.

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