Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp’s Attorney “Better distract the jury from the real issues”

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp’s Attorney “Better distract the jury from the real issues”

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp’s Attorney “Better distract the jury from the real issues”

Amber Heard says she stands by the testimony she gave during a… controversial six-week libel trial to ex-husband Johnny Depp, who says she has “always told the truth”.

“That’s all I said. And I spoke it against power. And I paid the price,” Heard said in her first interview after the verdict, two weeks after a jury awarded Depp more than $10 million and his allegations confirmed that Heard had lied about Depp. abuse her.

Depp sued Heard for libel in Virginia in a December 2018 op-ed she wrote in The Washington Post, describing herself as “a public figure who represents domestic violence.” His lawyers said he was defamed by the article, even though his name was never mentioned. Although the jury sided with Depp, Heard was also awarded $2 million for her allegation that one of Depp’s attorneys defamed her.

“Until the day I die, I will stand by every word of my testimony,” Heard told NBC’s “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie, in an interview that will air Tuesday and Wednesday. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I’ve always told the truth.”

Depp, who has not yet conducted a formal interview about the case, has pronounced the verdict “gave me my life back.”

Speaking of Depp’s legal team, Heard said, “His attorney was better at distracting the jury from the real issues.”

The verdicts ended a televised trial that opened up a window into a volatile marriage, and both actors emerged with unclear prospects for their careers.

On TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, the vast majority of comments criticized Heard. She called the social media frenzy surrounding her case “unfair.”

“This is the most humiliating and horrible thing I’ve ever experienced,” Heard said in Tuesday’s interview clip.

Heard described a “toxic” marriage to Depp.

“I did and said terrible, deplorable things during my relationship. I behaved in terrible, almost unrecognizable ways to myself. I am so sorry,” she said.

Earlier this month, her lawyer said Elaine Charlson Bredehoft told “CBS Mornings” that Hear was “heartbroken” by the verdict.

“One of the first things she said when she came back from the verdict as we entered the conference room was ‘I’m so sorry for all these women’,” Bredehoft recalls. “She felt like she had let all these women down because she had more evidence than most people. And yet they still didn’t believe her.”

Bredehoft said there were a number of things her team would have liked to do differently. She added that she thinks the atmosphere of the trial played the ultimate role.

“We had cameras in the courtroom. Not only did we have a group of Depp fans there every day, 100 allowed in, they lined up at 1am to get wristbands in that courtroom, but we had everything on camera and we had great social media that was very, very, very against Amber,” Bredehoft said.

Bredehoft said Heard plans to appeal the verdict.