Cowboys’ Dak Prescott looks forward to making an impact in the run game: ‘My confidence is through the roof’

Cowboys’ Dak Prescott looks forward to making an impact in the run game: ‘My confidence is through the roof’

Cowboys’ Dak Prescott looks forward to making an impact in the run game: ‘My confidence is through the roof’

There’s a distinct possibility that you’ll see Dak Prescott moving a lot more in the 2022 season. At least that’s what head coach Mike McCarthy pointed out during the mandatory mini camp — he noted how the Dallas Cowboys are interested in deploying the two-time Pro Bowl quarterback more in the hasty offense going forward. It’s an aspect of his game that was not often deployed by the draft after his days in the state of Mississippi when he was often seen as a double threat, and an aspect that was almost completely removed last season when he returned to the field of a devastating ankle injury that ended his 2020 campaign prematurely.

The latter was clearly intentional by McCarthy and Co., but Prescott is now fully healthy from everything that afflicted him last fall and, most importantly, he is no longer enthralled by the psychology associated with his return from a serious injury.

Simply put, he’s ready to get back on top form, in all aspects of his game.

“I feel great,” Prescott said from minicamp. “Just, as you said, not being limited, being able to do any exercise, anything, and it counts. It’s important. Just being able to go out and have so many reps with these young guys, such a young receiving corps , such a young team, just being able to rotate those guys with me to get those reps. Some things have to explain to them, but those are good, quality reps for me and some of those guys that we are in the will really need autumn.”

McCarthy describes Prescott as “leaner” and “faster” – though he weighs the same – two traits that are key drivers in what could be the cowboys to finally add consistency to the number of designed runs he sees in the future. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll suddenly be asked to become Lamar Jackson, i.e. having to play multiple 100-yard games per season, but it does indicate that he’s physically ready for when they call his number; or for when he organically decides to sprint out of the bag to move the chains (the latter was something that was also often absent in 2021).

Prescott himself notes that he is “definitely” slimmer than he’s ever been in his football career, and while that may not equate to being faster, it can mean it’s harder to master as a runner.

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“I sure do [feel leaner and more mobile]He said. “I go into the off-season every season to become a better player and person than I was the year before. So at this stage, at this point, I definitely feel like I’ve accomplished that. I think I’m so much further along than last year around this time. Being able to get the team reps like you said, being able to move more, take care of my whole body and just focus on everything, not just my leg.

“It’s a huge difference.”

As previously mentioned, Prescott made a name for himself at MSU with his ability to put pressure on the opponent’s defense, both as a passer and a runner. As a junior, he rushed for 986 yards and 14 hasty touchdowns, racking up 2,491 yards from scrimmage and 40 touchdowns on the ground in his last three seasons with the Bulldogs. He used that mobility to build his passing prowess and set school records on his way to getting the nod to the fourth round for the Cowboys in 2016.

Since then, he has been scaled back as a ball carrier, mighty and despite shortcomings on the once vaunted attacking line in Dallas. Prescott’s best season as a runner was in 2017, when he rushed for 357 yards. He would deliver six hasty touchdowns (tied for a career best) that season and average 6.3 yards per carry (another career best), but the Cowboys have been deliberately wise to expose their franchise QB to hits in the open. field; and even more so on his return from a broken ankle.

However, Prescott feels he is able to channel his inner Bulldog for the Cowboys.

“My confidence is through the roof,” he said. “I feel good on the road or not. So, to say on the road is my best, I feel like I can make every throw along the way, yeah.”

If the Cowboys execute on this plan, it will add another ripple to an attack that’s now without Amari Cooper or Cedrick Wilson, and it could also be without Michael Gallup to start the season, while also working to sort out their offensive line rotation. However, it doesn’t mean that Prescott will suddenly become the third rider on the team. But rather that, if necessary, the Mississippi State version could appear in a game a few times.

“Yes, I expect to have 20 carriers per game.”

He’s kidding, folks.