Cute Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fan Art Shows 3 Smolivs Together

Cute Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fan Art Shows 3 Smolivs Together

Cute Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fan Art Shows 3 Smolivs Together

pokemon fans tend to all have a favorite Pokemon. Whether it’s old-school fans sticking with one of the original starters, something from one of the middle generations, or even something more recent like one of Pokemon Sword and Shield, everyone has the one they think is the coolest or cutest. The new entries of the ninth generation of pokemon seems to disrupt the rankings of many players in the “cute” category, with the introduction of Smoliv.


The new Grass/Normal type was first introduced as part of: pokemon Scarlet and purplethe latest trailer. The reveal trailer shows off several other adorable new Pokemon, in addition to confirming the return of older Pokemon, as well as a host of new game-changing features.

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For those who may have yet to see the new trailer, Smoliv is a small Pokemon modeled after an olive, with its name a combination of both descriptions (small, or “smol” and olive). With nothing but stubby legs, a round body with an olive on its head and an endearingly nervous expression, it’s easy to see why so many pokemon fans find Smoliv irresistibly cute. A pokemon fan and artist named SlavicDoll illustrates these traits in their impressive drawing of a Smoliv trio, with the tiny Pokemon nestled under a leaf, trying to stay out of the rain.

The idyllic setting is tied together with grass, mottled red mushrooms and glowing fireflies. It’s unclear if Smoliv has any form of evolution as not much else has been revealed about the Pokemon. Yet that hasn’t stopped Pokemon Scarlet and purple fans come up with their own Smoliv evolutions. A fan’s creation called Olovolitil has a vaguely Roselia-esque design, except the flowers have been replaced with olives. Able to release Flammable Olive Oil, the fan-made Pokemon is said to be a Fire/Grass type, making it the first of its kind in the franchise.

Besides the artwork of SlavicDoll, there are others pokemon fans have created their own Smoliv artwork. A Reddit user named annmamax made headlines for their drawing of Smoliv in three different variations. Taking the fact that Smoliv is based on olives, the artist has drawn the Pokemon in the three colors of olives that exist naturally: black, green and red. Although green is the standard color of Smoliv, the art has sparked conversations between pokemon fans for very suitable glossy variants.

With quite a few months to go until the release of Pokemon Scarlet and purpleThere’s plenty of time to reveal more information about Smoliv, or any of the other ninth-generation adorable Pokémon. Since many of the new creatures at the base level are so well received, it should be interesting to see the reactions to any evolutions.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be released on November 18, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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