Democrat Cuellar wins second round in Texas against socialist Cisneros

Democrat Cuellar wins second round in Texas against socialist Cisneros

Democrat Cuellar wins second round in Texas against socialist Cisneros

Incumbent Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) won the Democrat nomination for Texas’s twenty-eighth congressional district on Tuesday against Socialist Jessica Cisneros after a primary runoff recount between the two, according to the Associated Press that mentioned the race.

Cuellar, a nine-term congressman, defeated Cisneros by 289 votes, according to their recount results. On election night in May, Cuellar only won by less than 200 votes.

He got more votes in the recount. The Associated Press (AP) previously didn’t call the race for either side because of how close it was, though the incumbent declared itself the winner on election night.

The 29-year-old Cisneros, who once did an internship with the incumbent, lost the challenge. Cuellar has a more moderate track record, appealing to the heavily Hispanic Southern Border District of Texas, and he has sided with Republicans on a number of counts.

The Associated Press

Democratic congressional candidate Jessica Cisneros speaks to the media before a rally, Feb. 12, 2022, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

The AP previously noted that this drain could “provide clues” as to how abortion rights might affect the midterm elections. Before the runoff, Cuellar had been attacked when abortion rights groups poured money and resources into their campaign on the ground and on the airwaves. Cuellar is one of the last pro-life Democrats.

The Associated Press noted:

This time, Cisneros came even closer than in 2020, when she lost by 4 percentage points behind national support from the party’s progressive leaders, including Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. They re-approved her in the rematch, along with abortion rights groups that plunged into the race when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it could overthrow Roe v. Wade.

The incumbent leader’s campaign said Cuellar won the first runoff election and was looking forward to representing the twenty-eighth congressional district. However, he has yet to make it through the November general election against Republican Cassy Garcia.

After Republican Mayra Flores flipped the congressional seat last Tuesday in a special election in the thirty-fourth district, Republicans are growing confidence in South Texas, a longtime Democrat stronghold, to win more seats.

Like I said on election night. “the margin will hold” – and it has not only stayed, but has grown. After counting every vote in the 9 districts in the 28th district for the second time, I won this election by 290 votes, and I am proud that your Democratic candidate for the 28th district was heard.

To those who did not vote for me, as your congressman I will continue to work diligently for you in Washington. While we may disagree on some points, we share common ground on many points to improve our communities and strengthen families.

I am an American, Texan, then a Democrat — in that order — and I will continue to fight for Texas values ​​and not allow coastal elites to bring their failed agenda to our communities.

Cisneros accepted defeat after the AP declared the race.

“By this small margin, it is clear that we would have won without their aggressive interference in the lives of families in South Texas,” Cisneros said in a statement. “The biggest thing that keeps us from pursuing the change we deserve is their fear. Fear of change, fear of the future. But the only way you can defeat fear is with courage and determination that in the richest nation in the world, we deserve to thrive.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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