Disabled Elden Ring Player Beats Boss With Left Foot, Right Hand

Disabled Elden Ring Player Beats Boss With Left Foot, Right Hand

Disabled Elden Ring Player Beats Boss With Left Foot, Right Hand

Like most other FromSoftware games, Elden Ring has in fact become an instant classic and one of the pinnacles of the gaming industry for 2022. Of course, this means that pretty much everyone has given the game a shot, which necessarily means that a good number of disabled gamers have played it too.

One of these gamers is Reddit user Powerful-Pie4238, who just posted a video of him turning himself off Elden Ring‘s remarkably agile and aggressive Red Wolf of Radagon with his right hand and left foot. In addition to the gameplay itself, Powerful-Pie4238 also took this opportunity specifically to show the community how he plays all of his games, which makes the whole endeavor even more impressive.


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While some might expect Powerful-Pie4238 to use something like Microsoft’s Adaptive Xbox Controller to play games, this isn’t the case at all. Instead, he uses a regular Xbox 360 controller and uses his left foot in place of his missing hand, controlling the character’s movements. While he admitted to getting occasional foot cramps, Powerful-Pie4238 is just as capable in-game as any other player, and his adaptation to using mainstream gaming hardware hasn’t gone unnoticed.

A lot of Elden RingThe community has gone to praise Powerful-Pie4238’s efforts, and the Filipino gamer has now even opened a Twitch channel to host his gameplay videos. It’s worth pointing out that Powerful-Pie4238 had previously posted videos of them playing other FromSoftware games as well, which may remind gamers of HandicapableOne’s chin controlled Dark Souls 3 game.

Sure, the idea of ​​hitting? dark souls games in unique ways is hardly new. Whether for novelty or necessity, gamers have been adapting to FromSoftware’s games since the very beginning. dark souls release, which can serve as a testament to the franchise’s widespread appeal and the sheer rush to beat the more difficult encounters in a non-standard way. In some cases this is a self-imposed challenge, while in others it is an outright necessity.

Powerful-Pie4238 will definitely continue to show off his skills in the coming weeks and months, and it will be particularly interesting to see if he will also be able to completely destroy Elden Ring‘s Malenia boss as some other players have done. Gamers who want to follow the efforts of Powerful-Pie4238 should look for his Twitch channel, which is called “Monseki”.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Monseki (via Twitch)