Elden Ring Fan Spots Restaurant Menu Game Theme

Elden Ring Fan Spots Restaurant Menu Game Theme

Elden Ring Fan Spots Restaurant Menu Game Theme

Despite the tremendous growth the video game industry has seen over the past decade, it’s still rare to see video game culture outside of t-shirts in real life. Elden Ring is a great example. It’s the biggest game release of 2022 and has sold over 10 million copies, but no one expects to see Malenia references outside of social media. Needless to say, a restaurant visitor was recently surprised by the cocktail list, with several Elden Ring– themed drinks.


Redditor OdnarDominus recently shared their discovery on the Elden Ring subreddit. Their post included a photo of part of the restaurant’s cocktail menu. The drink section’s name is “Slammerz” and surprisingly it featured four drinks that are clear references to Elden Ring† No other items on the menu refer to the game or gaming in general. It is a mystery how this happened.

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The four potions should be recognizable references to Elden Ring players. The first is the Volcano Manor, which mixes rum with grapefruit, beet, lime and seltzer. It is a direct reference to the location of Volcano Manor in Elden Ring† Drink number two is Phantom Steed, made with citrus vodka, fennel, honey, grapefruit and seltzer. It’s a nod to Elden Ring‘s haunted mountain torrent. Azur’s Comet is the third drink, made with tequila, lime and ginger beer. Comet Azur is a particularly strong sorcery that can be cast from great distances. Finally, there is the Tarnished Currency, a mixture of gin, mint and seltzer that refers to the Elden Ring‘s tainted protagonist.

The rest of the drinks list is mostly empty of other game references. One drink is called the Site of Grace, the other Elden Ring reference, and others are a bit nerdy like the Arrakis. Overall, it’s clear whoever mentioned the drinks was just having fun. They celebrate a game they enjoyed and wink at others Elden Ring fans in the process. Maybe it was a bartender, maybe it was a manager; it doesn’t really matter.

Those interested in looking for the restaurant should find their way to Salem, Massachusetts. The restaurant’s name is Opus and it serves upscale bar food with Asian influences ranging from sushi to drunken noodles, to street tacos, to mac and cheese. A fizzy unofficial Elden Ring a cocktail or two would probably go well with the food.

Video game-related food offerings aren’t necessarily a rarity, of course. A good example is the Final Fantasy 14 pop-up cafe, sometimes serving a variety of themed dishes based on consumables found in the game. There are also always video game-inspired Rockstar energy drinks, like the upcoming one starfield drink. Perhaps From Software should consider opening a pop-up cafe to serve Crimson Tears soda, Boluses donuts, Cured Meat Jerky, Shabriri Grapes, and Boiled Prawn and Crab. On the other hand, unofficial cocktails might be a better option.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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