How to Get the Blessing of High Isle Set (and What It Does)

How to Get the Blessing of High Isle Set (and What It Does)

How to Get the Blessing of High Isle Set (and What It Does)

The Blessing of High Isle set is in a bit of an odd place, although that’s not necessarily one of the Elder Scrolls Onlinethe worst armor sets. Introduced with the high island Chapter, the Blessing of High Isle armor set of the same name, is aimed at magicka users and players who receive regular healing.

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In general, magicka-oriented players stay away from the middle of a fight and therefore don’t need to heal as often as a close-up-and-personal stamina player. Self-healing also provides a full gear bonus, though – remembering to activate this effect as often as possible can significantly increase the damage, even in solo situations where other ESO players can’t heal you.


Blessing of High Isle Set Equip Bonuses and Effects (CP 160)

2 pieces 3 pieces 4 pieces 5 pieces
+1096 Max Magicka +129 Magicka Rain +1096 Max Magicka Receiving Healing from any source gives +369 Weapon/Spell damage for 5 seconds

The Blessing of High Isle armor set focuses on Magicka-based DPS, although a Magicka-based tank can also benefit from the healing buff. With two, three and four pieces equipped players get normal buffs to Max Magicka and Magicka Regen. With a full loadout bonus, each player’s healing gives him a +369 boost to weapon and spell damage for 5 seconds.

In both group and solo situations, players are passively healed from a variety of effects. Self-healing, group member healing, and all other ways to restore health through abilities activate this bonus, so be sure to keep an eye on some sort of healing ability for a short-term boost to damage the output when you need it.

How to get the blessing of a High Isle armor set?

The Blessing of High Isle armor set is obtained through activities on High Isle and Amenos. It is classified as an Overworld armor set, meaning that several pieces of the set from various Bosses and public content fall on both islands in the archipelago.

The bosses of Delve, World and Public Dungeon all drop the gear and weapons on set, while Volcanic Vents and Trials in the high island Chapter drop jewelry (rings and necklaces). If you take on these public activities, make sure you take on the corresponding daily missions, as a reward for: high island Daily newspapers can sometimes also contain parts of this set.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is available for PC and will be available for Playstation and Xbox systems on June 21, 2022

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