How to get the Wakizashi dagger?

How to get the Wakizashi dagger?

How to get the Wakizashi dagger?

The Wakizashi is the dagger version of Elden Ring’s Katana and is a great weapon for dual-wielders as well as any kind of dexterity.

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Elden Ring has a truly ridiculous amount of weapons for players to discover, each with its own stats, skills, and special features. After taking into account Ashes of War and Affinities, there are an almost unlimited number of combinations and Elden Ring builds available to be mastered.

One of the most unique weapon types are those from the Land of Reeds, Elden RingJapan’s version. This includes the Wakizashi, a dagger-sized version of the Katana that shares the speed and blood loss of its bigger brethren. The Wakizashi can open up some really interesting builds in Elden Ringespecially in combination with another Wakizashi or Katana.


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Where to find the Wakizashi in Elden Ring

Players who use the Wakizashi in their . want to record Elden Ring build must have reached the Caelid region. There they must go to the Gaol Cave, which can be found under the cliff by the small lake of Scarlet Rot east of Fort Gael.

The cave needs two stone sword keys to open and is usually occupied by vulgar militants, rats and the explosive Putrid Corpses.

As players explore the cave, they will find a series of locked cells, which can only be unlocked by reaching the lever in the built-up area. Once players pull the lever, they must fall off the platform and go through the passage to the right. Turn left at the next drop, and the cell with the Wakizashi will be the first on the left, along with another Stonesword Key.

Elden Ring Wakizashi Breakdown

The Wakizashi is quite a unique weapon in Elden Ring, and great for agile, Bleed-focused and dual-wielding builds. These are the main features:

  • Type of damage: Slash/Pierce
  • Standard Ash of War: Quickstep – A move of 3 FP/12 stamina that quickly dodges to the side.
  • Weight: 3.0
  • Required Attributes: St 9, Dex 13
  • Attribute scaling: Str D, Dex D (C)
  • Attack Power: Physical 94, Critical 100
  • Monitored damage denial:
    • Physical: 42
    • Magic: 24
    • Fire: 24
    • Lightning: 24
    • Holy: 24
    • Guard Boost: 18
  • Passive Effects:
  • Upgrade Material: Forging Stones

The Wakizashi can be powered with a Katana or a second Wakizashi, and uses the same set of moves as double Katanas, but with some unique benefits. The main one is that the Wakizashi can use Ash of War: Parry, allowing players to create a Katana-based parrying build.

Elden Ring is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

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