‘I felt like competing, and it will be over soon’

‘I felt like competing, and it will be over soon’

‘I felt like competing, and it will be over soon’

Tom Brady’s retirement, as we all know, lasted a biblical 40 days.

But unlike the 40 days and nights of the written text, Brady didn’t spend his time fasting in the desert. However, he eventually found himself hungry for competition.

“We had quite a bit of time together,” Brady said of his time spent with his wife, Gisele, during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. “And I think especially if I kind of told the team, look, you know guys have to make plans without me. And then Jason and Bruce said, give it time, you know? I said, look, you know, I feel pretty strong.

“Then time went by and you just got super competitive. I think I’m partly crazy. I mean, I think that’s the reality. I’m forty-five years old and I’m here with a lot of young guys trying to do my head off. I see Aaron Donald training on my Instagram, and I think, damn it, maybe I should have stayed in retirement because he’s a beast. But I felt like competing, and it’ll be over soon I mean, there’s no doubt about it and I have to, you know, really appreciate the time I have left, because it’s not much.”

Brady is well past its sell-by date, but he doesn’t dwell on the power of industrial preservatives. His pliable approach has become well known and with the combination of a strict diet (no strawberries, folks), it has enabled him to continue playing at a high level well past the age of 40.

In the end, however, Brady will run away. He did this temporarily during the off-season. And a lucrative broadcasting job awaits him at Fox Sports.

The new line-up again requires an important change in approach, although it will not be completely unknown. Brady just sits on the other side of the table.

“Because that’s what I’m most comfortable with, based simply on the fact that I’ve been at every production meeting for 22 years since I started playing in 2001,” Brady said of preparing games as an analyst in the future. “I know what those guys are asking, I know what to do. And I think it feels a lot like a team going out to prepare for a game.

“Obviously there’s a learning curve. It’s going to be a totally new career. It’s a new opportunity for me to try something that I’m going to work really hard at to prepare myself to be the best I can be. Knowing that, the day will walking on set for the first time won’t be my best moment.

“I’ve just had so much experience and if I can help people, talk to coaches, talk to players. I love the sport of football and I play in it. So I think that’s what got me really excited about that. And I think a part of my retirement for a very short period of time was that i could explore a lot of other opportunities and things had just come up and this was the one that really excited me the most in the end although it was kinda abrupt it ended very… I’m glad I went through it.”

A career spanning 22 years has taught Brady more lessons about football than most others on the planet. But new ones await him in a different setting. It’s only a matter of time before he officially moves from one side to the other.