‘I try not to play those kinds of games’

‘I try not to play those kinds of games’

‘I try not to play those kinds of games’

As Wentz dives into his latest mining project, he offered few grand, sweeping overtures of what lies ahead. He’s just trying to improve on a daily basis – in every way possible on the field and off.

“I mean, you’re always trying to learn, you’re always trying to be a better teammate, a better friend,” he said. “I try to be a better husband every day, a better father every day. I always try to learn and grow and be reflective and say, ‘Okay, I missed that opportunity.’ I missed that opportunity to influence a younger guy or to be involved with that teammate or whatever that looks like so I always try to learn and build and grow as good relationships as I can with everyone. both sides of the ball, coaches, equipment personnel, training personnel. I’m going to make mistakes. You know, I’ll be the first to admit it. And so I always try to grow, have self-reflection and be a better person in every way, shape and form.”

If all goes well for Wentz and Washington, he will be the Commanders’ QB1 for the next few seasons after spending a few third-round picks to get him off the Colts. Wentz hopes to settle with Washington, but again, he’s not looking that far ahead.

“I wouldn’t say I don’t feel that in the building in any way or in practice or whatever,” Wentz said when asked if he felt more of a need to be solidified as the long-term franchise QB. “You’ll hear things from fans when you’re out in public and things like that. Listen, I’d love nothing more than to play here for a long time and have a lot of success, but I’m going to take one day at a time, you know, and don’t put myself that extra extra push on what we talked about earlier and just enjoy it and make the most of it.”

So, at this point with the June warming up, there’s not much to judge about how Wentz is interacting with the commanders. Nevertheless, head coach Ron Rivera likes what he’s seeing so far.

“I really like his mastery of our offense,” Rivera said, perhaps (hopefully) pun intended.

Rivera and Wentz are at the helm of the Commanders’ hopes of turning things around after the club’s fifth consecutive losing season. The veteran head coach is pleased with what he has seen of Wentz’ immaterial assets so far.

“When you listen to him in the huddle, you listen to him talk to his teammates about certain aspects of the game,” Rivera said. “He gets it and when he’s lining up and communicating with his teammates I think it’s really positive for us. I know it gives me confidence, but when he’s confused and yelling the plays like he does, know I think his teammates can do that.” feel the confidence.”

Wentz downplays any focus on being his newest team’s franchise QB or the idea that this is his last chance to be one. But it will be a predominant theme for Washington in 2022. In the franchise’s first season as the Commanders, will Wentz be the right QB to lead the club into a new era?