Locked forever!  Ireland to reintroduce forced masks

Locked forever! Ireland to reintroduce forced masks

Locked forever!  Ireland to reintroduce forced masks

Ireland’s pro-lockdown health minister has said he may reintroduce forced lockdown measures on mask-wearing, ostensibly to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Stephen Donnelly, Ireland’s pro-lockdown health minister, has said he could reintroduce forced masks to contain the spread of China’s coronavirus.

According to a report by the Irish independentDonnelly warned that forced masks in shops and on public transport could be reintroduced if Irish mandarins see fit.

“You cannot exclude that,” the minister told the publication on Sunday. “It’s not where we are, but you can never say never.”

While the Fianna Fáil minister noted that he has not yet received any recommendations to reintroduce the measure, he admits that such lockdown restrictions could come back into effect shortly after the country’s deputy prime minister, Leo Varadkar, said: expressed concern about the numbers of COVID cases in Ireland.

†[The] Number of people in hospital who are positive for COVID has risen above 300. ICU cases are also increasing,” Varadkar wrote on social media. “It could be a blunder. Could be the start of a summer wave.”

“However, the immunity is definitely declining,” he wrote. “Please take your booster if you haven’t already.”

The idea that Irish officials could reintroduce forced masks soon enough comes as their counterparts in EU member state Germany have reportedly started actively planning to reintroduce the measure on an annual basis each winter.

The country’s health minister, Karl Lauterbach, has compared such a measure to rules mandating the use of winter tires between October and Easter.

“These rules can also be summed up that these will be our winter tires,” Lauterbach said, stressing that he and his staff were preparing the rules for a new shutdown scheduled for the fall.

In the meantime, the EU has moved to extend its COVID passport system – which allows travel without a negative test for many people who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus – for another year.

To justify the extension, EU officials have said they want to keep the health document system “just in case it’s needed” until 2023.

The extension will now be finalized on June 23.

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