Man-woman marriage is ‘unique and indispensable’

Man-woman marriage is ‘unique and indispensable’

Man-woman marriage is ‘unique and indispensable’

ROME – Pope Francis on Friday reaffirmed the centrality of traditional male-female marriage to society, calling it “the primary cell of our communities.”

“The mutual love between man and woman is a reflection of the absolute and unfailing love with which God loves man, destined to be fruitful and find fulfillment in the common work of the social order and the care of creation,” said the Pope. said directors of the Federation of Catholic Family Societies in Europe.

“The family based on marriage is therefore crucial,” the Pope continued. “It is the primary cell of our communities and must be recognized as such, in its unique and indispensable regenerative function.”

Maintaining the traditional family is essential, Francis said, “because it represents the natural place of our first relationships and of rebirth.”

In his address, the Pope also addressed important family issues, such as the worryingly low birth rate in Europe, the scourge of pornography and the tragic practice of surrogacy.

Europe’s “demographic winter” is “very serious”, he said, urging more attention to “the low birth rates in Europe and especially in Italy”.

“An aging Europe that does not reproduce is a Europe that cannot afford to talk about sustainability and finds it increasingly difficult to show solidarity,” he stressed, stating that “the task is to remove obstacles for larger families. clearing the way and recognizing that the family is a common good that must be rewarded, with natural positive consequences for all.”

In addition, the Pope proclaimed the lie of certain radical environmentalists who see humans as the enemy of the environment and propose population control measures as a solution to ecological problems.

Having children “should never be viewed as a lack of responsibility for creation,” Francis said. “The concept of ‘environmental footprint’ cannot be applied to children, because they are an indispensable resource for the future” and families “are the best example of the optimization of resources with large economies of scale.”

The Pope did nothing, calling pornography a “scourge” and “a constant attack on the dignity of men and women.”

“It is not just about protecting children – an urgent task for the authorities and for all of us – but also to identify pornography as a threat to public health,” he said.

“We would be seriously deluding ourselves to think that a society where anomalous consumption of internet sex is rampant among adults could be able to effectively protect minors,” he warned.

“The dignity of men and women is also threatened by the inhumane and increasingly widespread practice of the ‘rented womb’, whereby women, almost always poor women, are exploited and children are treated as commodities,” he claimed in reference to the practice of surrogacy.