Manage expectations for today’s second Xbox and Bethesda game showcase

Manage expectations for today’s second Xbox and Bethesda game showcase

Manage expectations for today’s second Xbox and Bethesda game showcase

Microsoft announced a while ago that it would have not one, but two Xbox and Bethesda game shows, one already airing last Sunday, one taking place today at 1 p.m. ET. But while both are 90 minutes in length, it seems fans will have to manage expectations about what this second show actually contains.

Microsoft surprised viewers when they opened their showcase on Sunday, saying it would only feature games released within the next 12 months. While that meant a lot more gameplay, and a few hopeful notes, like the fact that Diablo 4 should be out next year, it also meant we didn’t see or hear from further projects like Fable, Perfect Dark, and Avoved.

Until today I was wondering if some of the draw of this second showcase would break that “12 months” rule and maybe this one is where we would get a teaser trailer for one of those distant projects.

But that doesn’t happen. Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg is very candid about setting expectations for this showcase, something that perhaps could have been done with the 12 months leading up to the first showcase:

It’s not often you hear a marketing person explicitly state that “all the news” has already happened for another show, but here we are. Not to say there won’t be anything worth watching here as I’d definitely like to see some deeper dives into Redfall, Diablo 4 and Starfield, but no, we shouldn’t be talking about games that haven’t been shown yet. .

As for whether Sony has an “answer” to three hours of information about games, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. They already had a much shorter showcase event before this, which had some good stuff in it, even if it wasn’t as extensive as what Xbox has put here. The main question now is what Sony’s plans are for God of War Ragnarok, given that all we have is the vague 2022 date and external reporting due in November. If so, that would undoubtedly require some sort of separate showcase. Meanwhile, for all its airtime lately, Xbox doesn’t have any really big 2022 releases, with all of its big guns landing in 2023 after Redfall and Starfield were both recently delayed.

I don’t know if I’m going to spend 90 minutes watching this show live. If something turns out to be worthwhile after that, I might wave back, but now that no surprises are guaranteed, I’m for the most part satisfied with what I already saw in the first showcase.

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