Mo Brooks Says The ‘Bad Guys Won’ After Losing His Senate Election

Mo Brooks Says The ‘Bad Guys Won’ After Losing His Senate Election

Mo Brooks Says The ‘Bad Guys Won’ After Losing His Senate Election

  • Rep. Mo Brooks knocked down Donald Trump after losing his Senate primary on Tuesday night.
  • The former president withdrew his support for Brooks in March, accusing the Republican of “waking up.”
  • Brooks told Politico on Wednesday that Trump has “no loyalty” and is not a “man of his word”.

Rep. Mo Brooks said this week that he will retire from politics after losing his Senate primary to Katie Britt Tuesday night.

The Alabama Republican told Olivia Bevers from Politico on Wednesday that the “bad guys” won. Britt had support from Brooks’s former ally, former President Donald Trump.

Brooks, who once championed Trump’s post-2020 election fraud lies, criticized the former president for having “no loyalty” and not being a “man of his word.” Lawmaker told Beavers Trump won’t do anything unless it… “improves his wallet or his ego.”

Though Brooks was once a loyal Trump supporter, he has since accused the president of repeatedly asking him to illegally “revoke” the 2020 election because the relationship between the two men has publicly broken off.

Brooks’s comments on Tuesday seem a fitting conclusion to the on-again, off-again relationship between Brooks and Trump, which began when Brooks first failed to win presidential approval in 2017, despite being a vocal Trump supporter. among his fellow House legislators.

After taking the lead in supporting Trump’s baseless claims about the 2020 election, Brooks secured Trump’s Senate approval in April 2021.

But in March of this year, Trump withdrew his endorsement, saying Brooks “woke up” after lawmakers told Republicans to look to the future and not focus on the 2020 election. Trump’s turnaround came as Brooks’ fundraising and poll numbers plummeted.

Then, in June, Trump backed Brooks’ rival, Katie Britt, former head of outgoing Senator Richard Shelby as she advanced in the polls. The move prompted Brooks to appeal in a lengthy Twitter post to the former president’s reconsideration, asking Trump to once again support him in the Senate race, rather than Britt’s “branch RINO.”

But when the former president didn’t, Brooks chided Trump on Twitter a week later for his endorsement of Britt.

On Tuesday night, Britt defeated Brooks handily in the Republican primary. If she wins the November general election — which she is expected to do — she will be the first woman elected to represent Alabama in the Senate.

In his concession speech Tuesday night, Brooks said he was looking forward to spending more time with his family, which includes 13 grandchildren.

“It’s time for me to pass the torch to patriots who will continue to fight for America. We have many of the younger generation who are willing to carry that torch,” he said, according to Alabama Local News. “And I’m so proud of them. And I want them to fight for America like me.”

But Brooks’ time in DC may not be quite over yet. The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol bombing said in May it wants Brooks to testify after telling a local Alabama news station that Trump had pressured him to try to undo the election after President Joe Biden’s victory.

Now Brooks says he may be willing to testify before the panel, as long as it takes place completely in public, according to CNN.

“My basic requirement is that it be in public so the public can see it — so that bits and pieces don’t trickle out,” the lawmaker said, according to the outlet.