Nanny State UK wants to ban smoking – for younger generations

Nanny State UK wants to ban smoking – for younger generations

Nanny State UK wants to ban smoking – for younger generations

The smoking age for cigarettes should be raised every year until no one can buy tobacco products, says a UK government-sponsored review.

In the latest step of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government nanny, a review commissioned by Health Minister Sajid Javid – a former smoker – has called for the legal age to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products to be raised by one year each year. until smoking is effectively banned in Britain.

The review by the former CEO of Barnardo’s children’s charity, Javed Khan, also called for more taxes to be imposed on tobacco companies, saying an additional £700 million should be levied against the industry, and with it consumers. , to the faltering socialized UK health care system, the National Health Service (NHS).

Grocery stores and websites should also be banned from selling tobacco products, the report argued, and those stores that are still allowed to sell them should apply for a government license similar to the one needed to sell hard liquor.

“A smoke-free society should be a social norm – but to achieve this, we need to do more to prevent people from smoking, help those who already smoke and support those who are disproportionately affected by smoking,” Khan said. .

“My proposals are not only a plan for this government, but also for successive governments. To truly achieve a smoke-free society in our amazing country, we must commit to making smoking obsolete once and for all.”

According to the report, about six million people in England smoke and it costs the National Health Service about £2.4 billion in smoking-related health care costs, with 64,000 deaths a year.

Khan said that if the government does not take additional action, it will miss the target of “smoke-free by 2030” (less than five percent of the population) by seven years, adding that the percentage of smokers in the poorest areas of the country will increase. not fall below the 5% target until 2044.

Boris Johnson’s government has already implemented regulations on nanny smoking, including an EU-drafted law to ban menthol cigarettes, and imposed additional taxes on tobacco products.

Khan also called for £125 million to be spent on health care to help people quit smoking and for doctors to provide vapes to patients, as they are an “effective tool to help people quit smoking”.

“We know vapes are not a silver bullet, nor are they completely risk-free, but the alternative is much worse,” the review claimed.

Khan’s advocated policy to raise the legal smoking age mirrors that of New Zealand’s socialist-led government, which will raise the legal age every year after 2027 with the aim of effectively banning anyone born after the year 2008. to ever smoke.

The director of the forest smoking lobby group, Simon Clark, condemned the idea, saying that “creeping bans won’t stop young adults from smoking.

“It will simply boost tobacco sales underground and consumers will buy cigarettes on the black market where nobody pays taxes and products are completely unregulated.”

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