OMG, I want to rent that house: St. James, Barbados

OMG, I want to rent that house: St. James, Barbados

OMG, I want to rent that house: St. James, Barbados

Bajan Heights, St. James, Barbados (onefinestay): Without the palm trees, you could mistake this house for a southern plantation with a callous past. But this isn’t Scarlett O’Hara’s family estate – this is Bajan Heights, an island palace on the sunny coast of Barbados. Bajan Heights is a grand seaside mansion that combines the best elements of island living, namely an ocean view with beach access just a short drive away, but in a location nestled in the lush trees of an upscale neighborhood . With this setup, the inescapable sandy floors of beachfront life are a choice, not a lifestyle.

While we love open floor plans, we tend to curtail our visible enthusiasm to avoid coming off as just another sheep hopping on a hot architectural trend. (Being aloof is cool, right?) Needless to say, open floor plans are everywhere and everybody loves them. But when a particular open floor plan also has an open wall floor plan that brings the Caribbean breeze outside in, our carefully constructed attitude of cool quickly evaporates.

Seating, Bajan Heights has had a few. Or rather, we’re pretty sure this home offers more places inside and out to put your feet up, sip your daiquiri, and take in the view than there are palm trees on the island. (Editor’s Note: This claim is not fact-checking, but you get what we mean.)

On the one hand, we like an all-white scheme. On the other hand, all white kitchens make us a little nervous to make anything with any color. The solution to this problem, of course, is to convince your holiday crew that the “in” thing these days are meals consisting only of neutral-colored foods. That, or insist that this is a looking, unmoving kitchen and eating out for every meal.

This is a house that really knows who it is. Although each of the bedrooms has a slightly different look, the color scheme matches the rest of the house: also called white and neutral, brightened by pops of color.

We are all busy playing “sleep arrangements math” game for the holidays. Here are 5 bedrooms, but the owners say the house sleeps 9, meaning one lucky member of your party crew gets credit for sleeping in peace.

There’s nothing quite like an afternoon lounging on a covered porch…except maybe an afternoon lounging on a float in the pool. These are the kinds of debates you’ll have if you claim the master suit, which has its own private deck with a view.

Welcome at the porch† We just love to say that word and try to resist the images that immediately pop into our heads, pictures of mint juleps and polo tournaments and big hats with meshy bows.

With us it’s all about exclusivity: exclusive swimming pools, exclusive access to the beach, exclusive wine cellars full of rosé. While Bajan Heights doesn’t have all of these amenities (BYORosé, folks!) it does offer a very exclusive location in Forest Hills, one of the island’s fanciest neighborhoods.

Personally, golf is not our thing. But if you’re one of those who like to dress up as your vacation home (aka: in your sportiest white attire) and roam an expansive lawn chasing a ball with a stick, you’ve come to the right place. Forest Hills is not only one of Barbados’ exclusive neighborhoods, it also has its own impressive golf course.

How many outdoor seats are in residence here, you ask? We wouldn’t be able to count that high even if we weren’t labeled one of the “words” kids early in school… after which, of course, we started avoiding all math.

There’s no price too high to pay for convenience, our fictional grandmother once told us. One of the conveniences of a holiday home is having an outdoor wet bar so you never have to walk too far to refuel when you spend your days lounging by the pool.

The jungle vibes in the interior and landscaping aren’t just for looks. Bajan Heights is all about the great outdoors with its own private property and garden to wander around or host a very fierce boules tournament.

Nothing less than a feast is acceptable in this beautiful outdoor dining room. May we be so bold as to recommend hiring a renowned local chef to grill the fresh catch of the day and prepare a meal befitting this setting?

Paradise is the freedom to decide whether or not to leave the grounds of your home during your vacation. Having this view makes it a real Sophie’s choice to stay where you are or go to the beaches of Barbados.

Book your stay: Bajan Heights, St. James, Barbados: $1,650/night through onefinestay