Pokemon Fan Has An Idea To Shake Up The Elite 4

Pokemon Fan Has An Idea To Shake Up The Elite 4

Pokemon Fan Has An Idea To Shake Up The Elite 4

A Pokemon fan shares their interesting idea about how the Elite 4 could change for future parts of the historical franchise.

Over the years many staples have been found in pokemon games have largely remained the same. While there have been minor changes over the generations, fans expect the same formula for the regular games in the series. pokemon has many traditions, elements that gamers assume will be present when they start up a new game.

One of the most important traditions that pokemon has is the Elite 4 and the League Champion, which have appeared in most games of the series. Pokemon Sword and Shield did away with the Elite 4, but there was still a champion for players to compete towards the end of the main story. With a new batch of games on the way, a fan of the franchise has come up with an idea to shake up the Elite 4 when they come out in the latest generation.


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A Redditor known as TheHolyGeckoLord shared their idea for changing the Elite 4. The user thought that after beating the regions eight pokemon Gyms and reaching Victory Road, the players must get four riddles each leading to a member of the boss team. According to TheHolyGeckoLord, they want trainers’ last gauntlet to be a sort of treasure hunt, with players having to work to really test their mettle.

A number of Reddit users find the idea of ​​TheHolyGeckoLord interesting. However, many argue that the Elite 4 should be a test of endurance and skill in pokemon, as players have to take them in sequence without getting a chance to stop and rest. One user suggested placing the Elite 4 in a giant dungeon where gamers have to use clues to find them. It’s an interesting idea that could shake up Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Should the games decide to go back to using the Elite 4.

Tradition is already being broken in the next generation of Game Freak’s RPGs. During the most recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, it was revealed that there will be two professors, one for each version. Not much else is known about the pair at this point, including what their full roles will be and how players will interact with them. Having the two professors is a good way for the coming pokemon games to hold on to traditions fans have come to expect, while also shaking things up for those who have been invested in the series for a while.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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