Pokemon Fan makes drawings of grass, water and fire starters sleeping

Pokemon Fan makes drawings of grass, water and fire starters sleeping

Pokemon Fan makes drawings of grass, water and fire starters sleeping

With each new generation of pokemon games comes with a new set of starters for players to train. These new generations usually contain starters of the Water, Fire and Grass types. Recently a fan of the pokemon series decided to create illustrations that showcased their love for the various starter Pokemon from the series.

On Reddit, a user known as mono_luca shared a photo of a recent pokemon drawing they had made. While there are countless fan art featuring Grass-type Pokemon, this photo taken by mono_luca stood out because they decided to draw not one or two but all nine Grass-type starters. Impressively, the artist was able to perfectly capture the look of each starter, seen over the generations of pokemon spell.


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In the drawing, all the familiar faces from the Grass-type starter lineup were present. From Rowlet, Turtwig, Bulbasaur and Grookey to Chikorita, Treecko, Snivy and Chespin, the gang was all there sleeping lazily. Plus, mono-luca even featured Sprigatito, the upcoming starter for the Gen 9 games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet† The artist then colored the background in a cool shade of blue to compliment the green colors of the sleepy Pokemon.

In recent days, many members of the pokemon community have taken notice of this impressive artwork featuring the Grass-type starter Pokemon. Since this drawing was posted on Reddit, it has received more than 5,400 votes from fans. Not surprisingly, many commented on their favorite Pokemon in the photo. In addition, some joked that Rowlet looked like an odd starter from the pack because of his color. “I like how they’re all green… and then there’s Rowlet,” Tenten32321 said on Reddit.

Impressive, this is not the only one pokemon artwork that mono_luca has recently created. In the days since uploading this photo of the sleepy Grass-type starters to Reddit, they’ve taken the positive feedback from fans and used it as inspiration to take additional photos with Water and Fire-type starters. Each of these pictures has the same cute style as the Grass-type drawing and rests the Pokemon. In addition, both posts managed to collect thousands of upvotes, similar to the Grass-type drawing.

Understandably, many fans would be excited about this recent pokemon artwork by mono_luca. Besides the charming designs of the Pokemon, many gamers are eagerly waiting for the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the latest installment in the series launching on November 18, 2022. Fans recently received a trailer for the game that showed a glimpse of a few more Pokemon coming to the series, such as Smoliv. Time will tell if mono-luca chooses to create even more fan art in the future, and if they decide to base on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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