Pokemon Fan Makes Jumbo Charizard Card

Pokemon Fan Makes Jumbo Charizard Card

Pokemon Fan Makes Jumbo Charizard Card

A Pokemon fan shares a jumbo card they created that is based on the original Charizard released in the TCG series base set.

The Pokemon TCG was introduced to players shortly after the release of the video games. The card game became a huge hit and has been thriving since its release all those years ago. The Pokemon TCG is still played by a large number of fans and has expanded to include all generations of the series to date.

One of the most popular and well-known cards is the basic set Charizard from the Pokemon TCG† The piece is incredibly sought after and sold at auction for over $400,000 in mint condition. It is the prized jewel in any collection, especially if it comes from an early print.


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A Redditor known as PrismCard showed off their Charizard card in a little clip they uploaded. However, it is not a normal version of the map. The Charizard that PrismCard shows is jumbo sized, which makes the original dwarf. It is a replica of the first edition version and has a beautiful holographic star shine that covers the entire front of the piece. Only one minor change has been made as the Pokemon’s flamethrower now goes over the edge of the artwork. It is a beautiful looking replica and would be great in any collection.

PrismCard’s jumbo Charizard has received a positive response. One commenter asked if they could buy their own giant map somewhere and said they would make a great gift. Another Reddit user said this could have been a gimmick for the dynamax mechanic introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield† One commentator joked about playing a deck with 59 regular-sized cards and one jumbo-sized card. Giant pieces like these have been a thing for a while, and PrismCard’s is a fantastic example of what fans can find.

PrismCard is not the only one with an impressive replica of a Pokemon TCG Map. A user named clouserpl also shared a 3D Pokemon TCG Umbreon card they made. According to clouserpl, they made the piece by stacking cards on top of each other and leaving some space in between. The project took about 45 copies of Umbreon, with the artist taking about 18 hours to complete. The clip the artist uploaded showed the card lit up, with the moon and stars in the background in the video. It was revealed that clouserpl was not limited to just the Pokemon TCGbut also 3D made Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh cards too. The piece looks great and the artist is also taking commissions.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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