Possible sighting in hunt for fugitive yoga teacher at New York state campground

Possible sighting in hunt for fugitive yoga teacher at New York state campground

Possible sighting in hunt for fugitive yoga teacher at New York state campground

US Marshals on the hunt for fugitive yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong investigate a possible sighting at a remote New York state campground.

A camper told Fox News they had Mrs. Armstrong, suspected of murdering professional cyclist and love rival Moriah Wilson in May, was seen about a month ago at the Camp Haven compound in Livingston Manor.

“She was [here] a while back,” he told the news site. “Just before it exploded.”

The witness said Christine, Mrs. Armstrong’s sister, had also stayed at the campground and had been interviewed by US Marshals and other law enforcement officers.

The compound is located about 120 miles north of Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, where Kaitlin Armstrong was last seen on May 18.

Camp Haven’s address appeared in property records related to Christine Armstrong on May 17, a source said Fox news.

US Marshal Brandon Filla confirmed to the news site that officers were aware of the possible sighting but were unsure if Kaitlin had actually been there.

A massive manhunt is underway to locate Ms. Armstrong, who is charged with the first degree murder of Anna Moriah “Mo'” Wilson after the 25-year-old was found dead at a friend’s Texas home on May 11.

Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson was a rising star of the tight-knit gravel road bike community


Armstrong, a yoga teacher, is accused of shooting her love rival after she became jealous that Mrs. Wilson might be having an affair with her boyfriend Colin Strickland.

Marshals had previously determined that the 34-year-old was boarding a flight from Austin International Bergstrom Airport to Houston Hobby Airport on May 14.

From there, she boarded a connecting flight to New York City’s LaGuardia Airport.

It’s not clear where she went between arriving in LaGuardia and arriving in Newark four days later.

Mr Filla told the independent in a recent interview that marshals have no evidence to suspect that Ms. Armstrong is getting help evading authorities.

He warned that anyone who would have helped her would face the full scope of the law.

Kaitlin Armstrong was spotted at Newark Airport in New Jersey on May 18

(US Marshalls)

“Anyone offering comfort or anything else to disguise her, to help and encourage her, we take that seriously,” Mr Filla said. The independent.

Last week, US Marshals upgraded Monday’s investigation to high-case status and offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the fugitive’s arrest.

Mr Filla told the independent the continued media coverage of the case made it more difficult for Ms. Armstrong to travel.

“Every time she goes out in public, she risks arrest. And she’ll be looking over her shoulder everywhere,” he said.

Meanwhile, a private investigator said: NewsNation that Kaitlin Armstrong uses her sister’s name to avoid detection.

“Three days after Kaitlin was spotted in the New York area, an address turned up in upstate New York, Livingston Manor, where it was registered to Christine,” said private investigator Jason Jensen.

Jensen said Kaitlin Armstrong had ties to the Michigan area and may have traveled to Canada.