PT Style Horror Game MADiSON Gets New Gameplay Trailer

PT Style Horror Game MADiSON Gets New Gameplay Trailer

PT Style Horror Game MADiSON Gets New Gameplay Trailer

MADiSON, an upcoming indie horror game from Bloodious Games, is getting an intense looking new trailer, which really sells the PT/Silent Hills vibe.

Right now seems like a fantastic time to be a fan of all things spooky. With horror games dominating this year’s Summer Games Fest, with trailers from the newly announced Aliens: Dark Descentas well as the long-awaited The Callisto protocol, those who love digital fear will be spoiled for choice. There is also MADISONan upcoming indie title from Bloodious Games, which recently launched a new trailer that isn’t afraid to wear its influences on its sleeve.


As noted by DSO Gaming, the latest trailer gives a brief overview of some of the game’s story elements, as well as a healthy dose of gameplay footage, all of which really sell the fears this game is going for. It has been no secret among those who have watched from the sidelines that MADISON has serious PT vibes, really looking for that ultra-realistic aesthetic combined with an unsettling vibe that takes place in the only location where people should feel safe, their own home.

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For those unfamiliar with the game, it works in the same vein as any modern first-person survival horror experience. The whole PTsilent hills comparison may be a little dated for some. So to put it in a more modern context, it seems to be carrying the torch of the disturbing horror game sight† That game also took cues from the canceled Hideo Kojima / Guillermo del Toro project, but the main difference here is that sight was actually a fully released game. Apparently the demolished silent hills game has left a huge hole for the horror fan base.

In terms of MADISON, a mechanic who introduces it, is using a camera. Similar to the Japanese horror game PS2 Fatal frame, the Bloodious title will give players the task of capturing images and solving puzzles to progress. The new trailer is an eerie slice of what’s to come, especially for those who like to play horror that leans more towards psychological elements.

Of Resident Evil 4 remake Now officially on the way, the genre is definitely buzzing with plenty of new titles and the return of much-loved classics. It’s hard to say why horror has been getting a lot of love lately, but there are plenty of independent and AAA releases coming in. So, as mentioned before, now seems like a great time to be a fan of horror gaming.

MADISON will be released for PC on July 8.

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Source: DSO Gaming