School student mimics Dr.  Disrespect after in election speech

School student mimics Dr. Disrespect after in election speech

School student mimics Dr.  Disrespect after in election speech

In recent years, few streamers have become more famous in the gaming world than YouTube streamer dr. disrespect. It is not difficult to understand why he has achieved this fame; the Doc’s iconic look and bold personality stand out. He even started his own AAA game studio called Midnight Society to create his own video game. While there are those who aren’t fans of his bold and often brash presentation, many love the Doc for that very reason.


With such a striking visual appearance to match his confident personality, it should come as no surprise that many fans of the Doc have tried their best impersonation of him over the years. While there have been many notable examples of gamers and even fellow streamers like TimTheTatman and ZLaner posing as the Doc, one young fan decided to take their Two-Time fandom to the next level.

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A few days ago, the editor of Dr. Disrespect, Jesse Navarro, a video of a boy named London posing as the famous streamer. While gamers impersonating the Doc is nothing new, this particular impersonation stood out because the young fan decided to impersonate him during his election speech in a bid to run for school president.

In the speech, the student radiated much of the same confidence and charisma that Dr. Disrespect often showed during his own gaming live streams on YouTube. In addition, London used many of the classic phrases often said by the Doc, such as ‘Do you think we’re done? Sonora Eagles, we’re just getting started.” Unsurprisingly, after the approximately two-minute speech ended, the student was greeted with deafening cheers from those in attendance.

Since the video was posted on social media, many fans of YouTube streamer Dr. Disrespectfully noted this impressive speech by the student. In the past few days, the video has racked up an incredible 300K views. While some questioned whether London had won the presidency, Midnight Society allayed those concerns, revealing in a tweet that it had secured the election. In addition, the tweet contained a photo of London standing next to a newspaper, showing that he had won.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time London has copied the iconic look of the Two-Time. Previously, he wore the streamer’s cool hues, red vest, and black mullet for a Halloween contest known as Doctober. It’ll be interesting to see what other ways Dr. Disrespect over the next few days is copied by his passionate community. If this speech from London is any indication, he will likely continue to imitate the Doc in the future.

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