Shocking Skyrim clip shows Ulundil single-handedly slaying a dragon

Shocking Skyrim clip shows Ulundil single-handedly slaying a dragon

Shocking Skyrim clip shows Ulundil single-handedly slaying a dragon

When a Skyrim player battles an elder dragon near the Windhelm stables, he is shocked to see Ulundil single-handedly slaying the powerful beast.

‘s many NPCs Skyrim are known for reacting and reacting in strange ways through dialogue and their actions since the game was first released in 2011 Skyrim player noticed an interesting detail about Ulundil as they try to fend off a powerful Elder Dragon near Windhelm.

Reddit user Vaultdweller717 recently posted a clip of their adventure in Skyrim in which they are close enough to the Windhelm Stable to meet the owner of the building, Ulundil. Skyrim dragons suddenly attack wherever a player is, increasing the immersion of the RPG at a regular frequency. Whenever they attack near an outpost, NPC characters like Ulundil will step in and help, just like in the case of Vaultdweller717’s clip. Although Ulundil is normally a rather stationary and unresponsive one Skyrim character, Vaultdweller717’s video shows the NPC in a new light after an older dragon invades the area.


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Vaultdweller717’s Skyrim clip opens with the player making a final swing at the Elder Dragon with their one-handed Imperial Sword, as Ulundil mounts the dragon’s neck. Ulundil savagely stabs down and tells the dragon to die before finally succumbing to the NPC, who then suggest that the older dragon run away. for the Skyrim video ends, Ulundil casually walks away while being interrupted by the stunned Dragonborn asking if the NPC is concerned about the dragons. As for the aforementioned Elder Dragon, it is cremated in a Dragon Shout next to Ulundil, who ignores him like others Skyrim NPCs.

Respond to Vaultdweller717’s question in the Skyrim clip, Ulundil alluded to his dragon-hunting ability by saying that his father told him there’s no point in worrying about the mighty beasts. Vaultdweller717 absorbed the Dragon Soul while Ulundil candidly said it is better to die to a dragon than to live in fear of the suddenly spawning creatures. After the Skyrim video has ended, it is likely that Ulundil returned to the Windhelm Stable as if there had never been an altercation with the Elder Dragon, while Vaultdweller717 is horrified at his strength.

Skyrim players don’t often see NPCs like Ulundil battling a dragon so successfully, though they do join in when they’re nearby. Although Vaultdweller717 fought the dragon with an imperial sword, one fan noted that Ulundil de Skyrim dragon with a steel dagger, which notably deals much less damage. While one comment called Ulundil a mobster, several others praised the NPC’s dialogue after beating the dragon as a flex in its own right.

Skyrim is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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