SNP launches another referendum campaign on Scottish independence

SNP launches another referendum campaign on Scottish independence

SNP launches another referendum campaign on Scottish independence

Scotland’s socialist separatist regional government has vowed to relaunch an independence referendum campaign, Scottish Nationalist Party leader Nicola Sturgeon announced on Tuesday, despite losing such a vote less than a decade ago.

Despite the loss of the 2014 referendum on Scotland leaving the UK and polls suggesting a similar outcome if the vote is held again, the left-wing separatist devolved government of the SNP made plans on Tuesday to campaign for a new referendum. .

To hold another vote on independence, the local government in Scotland would likely have to strike a deal with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government in London to obtain an Article 30 order to temporarily transfer powers to the Scottish Parliament , as it is unclear whether the decentralized SNP government has the legal authority to act unilaterally.

While Sturgeon claimed to have started negotiations with Johnson, she said her administration would try to “find a way forward, if necessary, without a Section 30 injunction”. Shot reported.

“However, for the reasons I’ve already explained, we need to do this in a lawful manner,” the SNP leader added, although it remains to be seen whether such a move would in fact be “lawful” and likely would. to be. had to be decided by a judicial review.

Boris Johnson’s government has previously ruled out calling for a referendum before the next general election in 2024, but it appears Sturgeon is trying to take advantage of the weakened state the prime minister finds himself in after months of ‘Partygate’ scandals. and a recent challenge to the leadership to push through an early vote on leaving the UK.

In a document referred to as a “scene-setter” titled “Independence in the Modern World. Richer, Happier, Fairer: Why Not in Scotland?” the SNP compared the UK to other European countries, arguing that Scotland would be financially better off outside the UK – despite relying heavily on taxpayers’ money from England to support its budget.

The paper criticized the UK economy for being relatively low-taxed and deregulated with fewer social benefits than its European counterparts and therefore – the socialist paper claimed – has led to greater wealth inequality and a wider gender pay gap.

“The examples in this article illustrate the range of choices that would be available to an independent Scotland that could adopt policies different from Westminster’s for many years,” the paper argued.

“Independence in itself does not guarantee better performance – that will be determined by the quality of decision-making,” it added.

A forward written by Sturgeon claimed: “It seems clear from the evidence in this document that the status quo is not enabling Scotland to fulfill our potential, and that the British economic model and decision-making at Westminster are holding us back.

“It follows that if the status quo doesn’t work, we need to ask ourselves how best to fix it.”

On Tuesday, she argued that there is an “unquestionable mandate” for a new independence referendum. But polls don’t confirm this statement, with a poll last month showing the same percentage of voters stayed back in the UK as in the 2014 referendum, with a 55-45 split in favor of staying. Other polls have even put the margin at 50/50.

The SNP has been criticized by the left-wing Labor Party, with leader Anas Sarwar berating Sturgeon for using the “politics of strife and division” to distract from its government’s failure to achieve better outcomes for the Scottish people.

“Thousands of Scots are forced to choose between heating and food and even more are faced with massive bill hikes; our NHS is in disarray with the result that lives are being lost and our transport infrastructure is falling apart before our very eyes,” he said.

“For Nicola Sturgeon to turn her back on the problems facing the people of Scotland and decide at this point to focus on her own obsession is a sad example of how unreachable this government is.

“Nicola Sturgeon has no answer to the vital economic questions independence poses, has no plan to hold a referendum and has no intention of listening to the majority of Scots who oppose independence. Instead, the Prime Minister wants to feed on Boris Johnson and his Tory government to fuel her own political ambitions.”

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