Stephen Curry admits he wanted to silence the haters with his fourth championship: ‘I hear all the stories’

Stephen Curry admits he wanted to silence the haters with his fourth championship: ‘I hear all the stories’

Stephen Curry admits he wanted to silence the haters with his fourth championship: ‘I hear all the stories’

Despite all that Stephen Curry has accomplished during his Hall of Fame career, this fourth title he and his Golden State Warriors have just won – in Steve Kerr’s estimation – is his “crowning achievement.”

It’s hard to argue. This was not a super team. Curry carried this team in every way imaginable, and in doing so, you’d think he’d finally put an end to the doubt that still existed about his place among the all-time greats.

We’ve all heard the stories. Curry didn’t win until 2015 because Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were injured. He then lost a 3-1 lead. After that, he needed Kevin Durant for his next two titles. All those claims are fake. Absolute waste. But they were out there, and Curry listened. He walked out of court on Thursday, admitting it feels good to silence critics.

“I hear all the stories,” Curry said. “You hear everything about what we [as a team] are and what we are not, and what I am as a player and what I am not. I’m having a hard time figuring out what they’re going to say now, so this is pretty special.”

Curry’s brother, Seth, chimed in with his own tweet which was clearly aimed at the people who never wanted to give Steph quite his comeuppance.

So I need to be clear about something here. I have been one of the biggest Curry fans you can imagine since day one. I grew up with the Warriors. It’s almost driven me crazy over the years to hear people try, one way or another, to dismiss Curry as an all-time great. It’s ridiculous. Even after what he just did in this final, I saw a couple of tweets saying he’s still a ‘system player’.

He is the system!

That said, I have been critical of Curry on points, particularly this season which was by far the worst shooting campaign of his career. That’s not hating. That’s a fact. Where I was wrong, quite obviously, was that I came to the conclusion that Curry isn’t quite the same player anymore. A year and a half ago I tweeted this:

Man, that’s hard to swallow. That has to be one of the worst takes ever. I will own it. While I would never have questioned his place among the all-timers, I thought Curry was starting to slip. I really did. Stupid me. If miraculously, Curry ever saw one of these tweets or read one of my headlines where I talked about this so-called drop-off, and it prompted him to play like that in the final, hey, I’m glad I got my part done.

But seriously, what else can the man do? He won a title before Durant, and now he’s won one after Durant. He tied LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal with four titles. Shaq had Kobe and D-Wade. LeBron had Wade, Bosh and Anthony Davis. But none of those guys won a championship with a roster as thin (relatively speaking) as this Warriors team, which at times could honestly say Andrew Wiggins was the second best player.

When Curry says he’s going to have a hard time figuring out what the critics are going to say next, he’s saying he knows something will be up. There must be something. But whatever it is, there will be no merit in it. Absolutely none. Curry’s all-time great cause is undeniable. Anyone who has ever felt the need to officially question that should shut up.

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