Suspect Amarildo da Costa detained as human remains found near where Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira disappeared

Suspect Amarildo da Costa detained as human remains found near where Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira disappeared

Suspect Amarildo da Costa detained as human remains found near where Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira disappeared

Human remains have been found days after celebrities and officials called for more efforts to investigate the disappearance of a British journalist and Brazilian anthropologist, who were reported missing in the Amazon rainforest earlier this week. Authorities detained a person when unknown traces of blood were discovered on his boat.

A judge has ordered that Amarildo da Costa be held for 30 days and investigated for his possible involvement in the disappearance of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, the New York Post reported. Costa, a resident of the Sao Rafael region of the Amazon, is said to have fished the river and found the bloodstains on his boat. However, he and his family have reiterated his innocence.

Six other suspects have also been questioned in the case.

According to the AfterCosta was arrested earlier this week for illegally possessing limited ammunition. His mother claimed that the blood found by the police, which is now being analyzed to determine its origin, belonged to a pig that her son had previously killed.

†[T]”Hey, they beat him, tortured him, put his head under water, kicked his leg and sprayed his face with pepper spray,” Osenei da Costa de Oliveira, the suspect’s brother, said after police arrested Costa, according to police. After† “They wanted him to confess, but he’s innocent.”

Veteran foreign correspondent Dom Phillips visits Aldeia Maloca Papiú, Roraima State, Brazil, on November 16, 2019.


Police said Costa was one of the last people to see Phillips and Pereira before disappearing on the Peru-Colombia border. After reported. They also noted that their search focused on people who may have been involved in illegal fishing and poaching, in which they suspected Costa may have been involved.

Phillips, a contributor with The Washington Post and the guard, would be working on a book on Amazon rainforest conservation. Pereira has reportedly been threatened for his work related to illegal fishing.

Mayuruna Indigenous man Salomao Sebastiao, member of the local association of Indigenous Univaja people, joins the search for British journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous affairs expert Bruno Araujo Pereira.

Edmar Barros

Paulo Marubo and Raimundo Mayoruna, who were with Phillips and Pereira the day before they went missing, said they were trying to contact authorities when local fishermen apparently threatened them with brandishing rifles, police said. After

Maruba said Phillips took a photo of the harassing men; one of them was Costa. However, Marubo and Mayoruna said authorities did nothing after the report.

“They wouldn’t help us,” he said.

Supporters attend a vigil outside the Brazilian embassy in London for Dom Phillips and Bruno Araujo Pereira, a British journalist and indigenous affairs official who are missing in the Amazon.

Victoria Jones – PA Images

Well-known celebrities, athletes, journalists and politicians have taken to social media, urging that more needs to be done to find Phillips and Pereira.

“My friend and colleague @domphillips has disappeared while reporting in the Brazilian Amazon with leading indigenous expert Bruno Pereira just days after receiving threats. Extremely disturbing,” posted journalist Tom Phillips† “Please share as widely as possible.”

“The fight for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and indigenous groups belongs to all of us,” tweeted former Brazilian footballer Pelé† “I am saddened by the disappearance of Dom Phillips and Bruno Ferreira, who have devoted their lives to this cause. I join the many voices calling for the search to be intensified.”

On Thursday, actor Mark Ruffalo demanded an “international response”.

“The trend of journalists being attacked, murdered or disappeared in right-wing ‘democracies’ should be mentioned,” he wrote on Twitter

“WHERE IS BRUNO AND DOM?” Brazilian actress Camila Pitanga Posted. “Bruno and Dom have been missing for over 48 hours and we need ALL the necessary resources to find them ASAP. The contempt for environmentalists must end.”

US President Joe Biden also joined the fray, reportedly trying to get Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro to do more, according to the After