The best replacements for Maxx ‘C’ in Yu-Gi-Oh!  Master Duel

The best replacements for Maxx ‘C’ in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

The best replacements for Maxx ‘C’ in Yu-Gi-Oh!  Master Duel

  • The best replacements for Maxx “C” in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel are other cards that can stop your opponent’s turn.
  • Cards like Effect Veiler, Ash Blossom, and Infinite Impermanence – also known as “hand traps” – make good substitutions.
  • Potential Maxx “C” replacements in the Master Duel range in rarity from Ultra Rare to Normal.

Maxx “C” is one of the most powerful (and controversial) Yu-Gi-Oh! cards ever released. Activate it at the right time and your opponent will be forced to skip their turn or let you draw so many cards that you are almost guaranteed to win.

But in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, it is an Ultra Rare (UR) card, the most expensive in the game. So if you don’t have enough gems to make it, you’ll need a replacement.

The best replacements for Maxx ‘C’ in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Maxx “C” is a great card for three reasons: it disrupts your opponent’s turn, it helps you draw cards, and it’s completely generic (meaning you can play it in any deck). And while no card can do everything Maxx “C” does, there are cards that come close.

Maxx “C” is a type of card known as a “hand trap” – a card that you can activate from your hand during your opponent’s turn. For this guide, we’re going to look at other generic hand traps that can disrupt your opponent’s turn.

Some of the best replacements for Maxx “C” are other UR rarity cards unfortunately. But most are Super Rare or cheaper, making them a great choice for anyone low on UR gems.

The description for the map Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring in Yu-Gi-Oh!  Master duel.

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is the most popular hand fall in Yu-Gi-Oh.

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Here are the hand traps you should replace Maxx “C” with, ranked in order of how good they are at competitive play. The best cards are at the top.

When used correctly, any of these cards can force your opponent to end their turn prematurely, giving you a tremendous amount of momentum.

Most of these cards are also considered “staples”, meaning you can’t unlock them by opening secret packs, like most other cards. Instead, you’ll either have to craft them with gems, or try your luck with Master Packs – the packs that contain every single card in the game.

Notably, none of these options will help you draw cards like Maxx “C” does. The ability to draw cards is one of the most powerful effects in Yu-Gi-Oh, and if you lose that draw, some card games can become unplayable. If your deck needs more pulling power, look to generic cards made exclusively for that purpose.

The best of these are the Pot cards, all of which are Super Rare. They all let you add new cards to your hand, but they usually have some serious drawbacks.

The description for the Pot of Desires card in Yu-Gi-Oh!  Master duel.

Pot of Desires allows you to draw two cards, at the cost of ten random cards.

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And, of course, remember that you don’t have to pick one specific card to replace Maxx “C”. If you have the space in your deck, you can add multiple hand traps and draw cards. This will give your deck consistency.