This indie developer wants people to make their game illegal

This indie developer wants people to make their game illegal

This indie developer wants people to make their game illegal

The indie developer behind Please Fix the Road, Ariel Jurkowski, has alerted potential players to a pirated copy of their game. Please Fix the Road was released on June 10, 2022 for all the usual platforms, including Steam and GOG, but the game is also available for download via torrent.

The game is described as “a colorful, minimalist, relaxed and casual puzzle game in which it is probably not difficult to guess… you are repairing roads! Your road repair doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to get the job done!” The developer adds that “your mom will love this game too!” Please Fix the Road has received mostly positive reviews from critics and players alike.


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‘Would you please mend the road? I will release my game in June 2022 on Steam, GOG and torrent (pirate version) for Windows and Linux,” Jurkowski announced on Twitter† “The pirate version has all launch levels, but no updates. No obligations. There is an additional pirate theme at the beginning, an altered intro sequence, a pirate face instead of the gear icon, and a request in the options menu to purchase the game. Cheers!”

When it comes to their motivation for the move, Jurkowski noted that “it would be illegal anyway and I don’t blame anyone. It is what it is. I hope at least some people will appreciate the gesture, maybe I’ll get some public relations points out of this. Cheers!”

The news that Please Fix the Road is available for download via torrent was first noticed by the user on Resetera known as ToyThatKills. “Jurkowski released the very reasonably priced Please Fix the Road in the usual places yesterday,” they noted before pointing out how “remarkable is that they also released an ‘official’ pirate version of the game. This is not a demonstration. is the full game as it is released the logic is people are going to pirate it anyway so why not have a little control over it and use it as an opportunity to maybe generate a few sales that would never have been achieved otherwise. Is it some weird kind of sentence?”

This comes in the wake of several other games that have been offered to pirates on a scale in recent years. “I know there have been developers who have released their own pirate copies before, but most of the time it was for the purpose of punishing players,” ToyThatKills noted, pointing out how Game Dev Tycoon is causing piracy to shut down your business. “I can’t think of a single developer who just releases a legit game.”

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