Trump Aide Says Campaign Split Into ‘Team Normal’ and ‘Team Giuliani’

Trump Aide Says Campaign Split Into ‘Team Normal’ and ‘Team Giuliani’

Trump Aide Says Campaign Split Into ‘Team Normal’ and ‘Team Giuliani’

  • Former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said he was part of “Team Normal” in the Trump camp.
  • Opposite “Team Normal”, said Stepien, the team was led by Rudy Giuliani.
  • Giuliani aggressively pushed Trump’s claims of voter fraud, while Stepien distanced himself from the campaign.

Former Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien says the Trump team was split into two camps after the election: “Team Normal” and “Team Giuliani”.

The House Select Committee to Investigate Jan. 6 played a clip of Stepien’s testimony Monday during the second of the committee’s six public hearings. During his statement, Stepien was asked if he had withdrawn from the Trump camp to preserve his professional reputation.

“You didn’t want to be associated with what you heard from the Giuliani team and others who — that sort of intervene in the aftermath of your departure?” an unknown questioner asked Stepien.

“I didn’t mind being categorized. There were two groups of them. We kind of called them my team and Rudy’s team. I – I didn’t mind being characterized as part of Team Normal, if – if reporters, you know, kind of started doing it around that time,” Stepien said.

Stepien added that he had worked in political campaigns for “a long time”, his work reflecting the ideologies of former President Donald Trump, Arizona Senator John McCain, former President George W. Bush and the former New Jersey chief of government. Chris Christie, included.

Stepien then added that he quit after the election because he didn’t think what happened was fair or professional.

“And, you know, I can work under many circumstances for many different, you know, candidates and politicians,” Stepien added. “But a situation where — and I think I’ve built a pretty good one along the way — I hope to have a good reputation for being honest and — and professional, and I didn’t think what happened was necessarily fair or professional at that time. ”

Giuliani led the Trump campaign’s legal team, leading a rambunctious November 2020 press conference where he made bizarre, baseless claims about voter fraud as his hair dye trickled down his face.

A longtime political assistant, Stepien became Trump’s campaign manager four months before the 2020 election, according to CBS, and took over Brad Parscale. Stepien was originally one of the witnesses scheduled to testify at the second televised hearing, but bowed out after his wife went into labor Monday morning.

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