Video Shows GOP Congressman Leading Through the Capitol Complex the Day Before the Jan. 6 Attack

Video Shows GOP Congressman Leading Through the Capitol Complex the Day Before the Jan. 6 Attack

Video Shows GOP Congressman Leading Through the Capitol Complex the Day Before the Jan. 6 Attack

Washington- The House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol released new surveillance footage Wednesday showing GOP Representative Barry Loudermilk leading a group of people on a tour of the Capitol complex the day before the attack, with some guest document locations such as stairs, security checkpoints and corridors.

The committee asked Loudermilk last month for information on a tour he led through the Capitol complex before the attack. louder milk refused that he once gave a tour of the Capitol itself on January 5, when it was closed to tourists due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After reviewing security footage, United States Capitol Police determined last month that there was “no evidence” that Loudermilk led the group into the Capitol, saying, “We don’t consider any of the activity we’ve observed as suspicious.”

But the committee suggested otherwise in a letter to Loudermilk on Wednesday. The new footage shows the congressman “lead a tour of about ten people led by you to areas in the Rayburn, Longworth and Cannon House office buildings, as well as the entrances to tunnels leading to the Capitol,” committee chair Bennie wrote. Thompson. † The group stayed for “several hours,” he wrote, and some “photographed and recorded parts of the complex not normally of interest to tourists.”

Some of the individuals on the tour were expected to participate in the Jan. 6 rally near the White House and the ensuing march toward the Capitol, the committee said, and one of the men on the tour made “disturbing” threats against members of the Congres. The panel did not say whether anyone from the tour entered the Capitol on the day of the attack.

“The select committee has been informed that some individuals you sponsored in the complex attended the rally at the Ellipse on the morning of January 6, 2021,” Thompson wrote. “According to video footage of the day obtained by the select committee, the person photographing a staircase in the Longworth House office building filmed a companion with a flagpole that appeared to have a sharp end, who spoke to the camera and said “It’s for a certain person,” while making an aggressive jabbing motion. Later, these individuals joined the unauthorized march from the Ellipse to the United States Capitol. While standing near the Capitol, the same person captured a video detailing and disturbing threats against specific members of Congress.

“In the week following Jan. 6, 2021, members urged law enforcement to investigate sightings of ‘outside groups in the complex’ on Jan. 5, 2021 that ‘appeared to be associated with the White House meeting the next day’.” Thompson continued. “The select committee’s assessment of surveillance footage showing the tour described above is consistent with those observations.”

The Jan. 6 video released by the committee appears to show one of the men from the tour making threats against Democratic members of Congress.

“We come in as white on rice,” says the person in the video. “For Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer, even you, AOC. We’ll come get you. We’ll pull you out by your hair.’

Loudermilk has refused to meet with the committee and harshly criticized the release of the images in a statement on Wednesday.

“This false story that the Committee and Democrats continue to push, that Republicans, including myself, were conducting reconnaissance, is demonstrably false. Nowhere I went with the visitors in the House Office Buildings on January 5 was violated on January 6; and, to my knowledge, no one in that group has been criminally charged with regard to January 6,” he said. “Again, the committee released this letter to the press and did not contact me. This kind of behavior is irresponsible and has real consequences – including continued death threats to myself, my family and my staff.”

Al Foley, a Loudermilk voter who was on the Jan. 5 tour and spoke to the committee about it, said he had come to Washington, DC for Trump’s meeting with other voters who were in contact with Loudermilk. Foley denied it was an “exploration tour.”

“That’s the furthest thing from the truth,” Foley told CBS News. “Frankly, it’s a disgusting accusation. It was January 5 and no one had any idea what would happen on January 6.”

Foley said they didn’t enter the Capitol.

†[Rep. Loudermilk] gave us a tour of his office and I’m not sure exactly what buildings they were in and that was it,” Foley said. “I was very excited to meet a representative from Congress. I was quite impressed with the life of a congressman and the amount of work they do.”

In Thompson’s letter to Loudermilk on Wednesday, he again requested that the Republican member meet with the committee as soon as possible.

Michael Kaplan contributed to this report.