What is the current and next Genshin Impact banner?

What is the current and next Genshin Impact banner?

What is the current and next Genshin Impact banner?

Genshin Impact banners stick to a pretty regular schedule. Each update comes with a new banner that lasts about three weeks, and after it expires, it’s followed by a second banner that also lasts about three weeks, after which it’s update time again.

Curious what the next Genshin Impact banner is? While we’re hearing rumors of new Genshin Impact characters arriving in upcoming updates, we won’t know their exact release date until we know which banner they’ll be part of and whether it will be the first or second banner in the update. Occasionally, banners don’t stick to this schedule – most notably, update 1.3 had three two-week banners, so Hu Tao’s banner didn’t carry over into the Chinese New Year.

Usually, each limited-character banner — or Event Wish — contains a five-star character and three four-star characters. There’s also a weapon banner – Epitome Invocation – which runs alongside each character banner and features different weapons each time. Here’s everything you need to know about current and future Genshin Impact banners.

Genshin Impact current event banner

Genshin Impact’s current banner is Oni’s Royale, which started on June 21, 2022 and ends on July 12.

Oni’s Royale Features:

Genshin Impact current weapon banner

The Genshin Impact weapon pity system gives you the chance to draw a five star weapon on the current weapon banner. The featured items in the current Epitome Invocation banner are:

  • Redhorn Stonethresher (five stars)
  • Memory of Dust (five stars)
  • lithic knife
  • lion roar
  • Dragon’s Bane
  • the stringless
  • Sacrifice Fragments

Genshin Impact 2.8 release date: Rumor has it new Anemo character Heizou arriving in update 2.8

Next Genshin Impact Banner

The next Genshin Impact banner will go live July 13 at the same time as the Genshin Impact 2.8 release date.

What that banner (or banners) will be hasn’t been confirmed yet, but on May 16, Hoyoverse officially announced Heizou as a new character coming to the game sometime in the future. Well-known Genshin yummy Ubatcha believes Heizou is expected in the first half of patch 2.8. another leak, Lumiebelieves Klee and Kazuha will also get repeat banners in the first half of 2.8.

Since Heizou is rumored to be a four-star character, like Shinobu, he will likely appear as part of Klee or Kazuha’s banner as new four-stars tend to debut as part of another five-star character’s event. He could possibly play a role on bothsince Hoyoverse also has a habit of using the same supporting setup when displaying banners with multiple characters at the same time.

We will keep you updated with further information regarding the Heizou banner release date. In the meantime, plenty of information about Heizou’s abilities has been leaked from a 2.8 beta that we’ve put together with a guide to the best Heizou squad composition, as well as everything you need to know about Heizou’s ascension material.

Future Genshin Impact Banners

Other than Heizou, no other future Genshin Impact characters have specified version numbers in terms of when they will reportedly be released. There’s been a lot of talk and leaks surrounding version 3.0 and a new region, involving characters like Cyno and Collei, but these rumors are highly questionable at this stage.

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We’ll let you know as soon as new Genshin Impact banners are revealed, but for now you can read our guide to the Genshin Impact Inazuma region, plus our Genshin Impact hangout guide, as well as the best Genshin Impact builds for each character.