Where to find each mission 4: The shortcut to the old town in neon white

Where to find each mission 4: The shortcut to the old town in neon white

Where to find each mission 4: The shortcut to the old town in neon white

neon whiteThe fourth mission is definitely a bit of an odd one out. Instead of being the usual ten levels, here are just three. And the third of the bunch is kind of a boss fight. We’ll of course take you through the shortcuts you’ll find in the first two stages as usual, but don’t worry, we won’t let you dry out in your confrontation with Neon Green.

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While you can’t unlock boss battle hints, and there don’t seem to be any formal shortcuts, there to be still medals in the game! So, we’ll take you through the entire boss fight, giving you all the hints – and few time overruns – you need to finish it fast enough to claim that platinum medal.



This shortcut is a bit tricky as it requires pretty accurate shooting. Thankfully, it’s all worth it as it will shave off the better part of five seconds of your time and essentially guarantee you’ll get the platinum medal if you do it correctly.

You start the stage by platforming over a few glass platforms and then running through a series of canals. As soon as you hit the channel, you get a sniper rifle. utilities, you have to try and line up a few shots. You have to hit one of the red barrels sitting between the group of demons at the end of the channel (this is the easy shot)and you have to hit a red barrel that is on top of the building in front of you (this is the hard shot).

It’s best to try and hit the barrel on the roof when you’re further away as you’ll have a better angle. You can hit him when you get closer, but that requires you to come to a stop, which is never ideal. If you have successfully blown up both groups of demons, jump under the arch to your left and toss the gun to propel yourself to the canal on the other side of the opening. Get this right, and you’re sure to get that platinum medal.

The Forgotten City

Proceed as you normally would, jumping balloon demons, boosting over holes and generally running amok. Once you hit the second treasure chest in the stage (the first one is at the beginning of the stage), make sure that not use the sniper rifle’s deflection ability as you jump to the next platform (where there is another rifle map in sight). This is important; you need both guns.

In the next section, you’ll jump on a row of balloon demons; however, once you jump on the last demon, go to the right instead of traveling straight.

Use one of your discarded guns to travel past the tower and use the next to boost the next row of balloon demons† The main thing to take care of is that you don’t lose altitude here. Continue the stage as you normally would and skip that almost should Guarantee a platinum medal.

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The Clock Tower

And here we have the game’s very first boss fight. You are up against Neon Green. The most important thing to remember is that: Neon Green cannot normally be hurt. He can only get hurt if he’s in a staggered state (it’s not subtle when this happens). You make Green falter by destroying his diamonds. His health bar has a diamond counter below it, so that will tell you how many diamonds are currently wagered. As with any other stage, you shouldn’t stop to shoot, the only exception being when Green jumps.

At the start of the stage take the two guns and run to the left, shoot the crystal when it appears, then throw the gun to jump to the next one. Shoot the crystal up here, grab the sniper rifle and throw it away to run across the gap to where Green is. Shoot both crystals here and throw the gun to jump to the next level. From here take the gun, jump over the opening and you are in the courtyard.

Green will place five crystals here. Grab the two assault rifles and run to the crystal on the left. Shoot that crystal, then turn to the right; shoot the other crystal crystals, then throw one of your guns to perform a bomb jump to the level where is Green. There will be two more crystals to destroy. Once you destroy the remaining crystals, you have the option to solve on Green.

Now it will begin to float away from you. Shoot the yellow demon and throw the gun to jump to the next level. you will now climb the rubble by shooting treasure chests, pick up guns and use their displacement ability to jump to the next chunk of rubble. All the while you will be shooting crystals. When you get to Green, there will be two crystals to shoot. Once you get them both, Green will be amazed again. Get rid of him.

Green will flee into the clock tower. You want to jump down with him as soon as you see his barrier appear. If you’ve taken damage, make sure to grab the heart along the way (it’s just to the left of the bell tower door, you can grab it without adding a millisecond to your time).

Now you shoot a blue demon; Use the sniper rifle it drops to shoot across the gap and into the balloon demon. Then shoot the yellow demon in the air, grab the gun and throw it to double jump into the balloon demon above. Jump from balloon demon to balloon demon until you get to one last yellow demon† shoot it and use the gun you get to jump to the next floor.

Now jump on top of the balloon demons; they will lead you to a room above. Green is waiting for you here. He will have deployed a total of six crystals. Quickly take them out by charging the crystals on the right side of the room; then you have a clear shot at the other three on the other side.

Destroying all the crystals will stun Green, so reload him. Once he runs away, a set of balloon demons will appear. This is an opportunity for you to save some time. Jump into the balloon demons the moment they start to form; you don’t have to wait for them to appear in full. If you time this right (which isn’t hard), you will cut a second off your runtime.

Now go to the top of the clock tower by jumping on balloon demons. Once you’re at the top, Green will bet 12 crystals. Charge towards Green and shoot the crystals along the way (there will be three in the narrow entrance leading to the main room). The remaining nine crystals float in clusters of three around Green. If you aim your assault rifle at the space between each cluster, the spread of that weapon will knock out the entire cluster with a salvo.

Once you’ve destroyed all the crystals, load your assault rifle into Green. Once you’ve completely used up his health bar, prepare to jump to where he previously hovered, grab the SMG and use the discard option to blast him below straight away. You should have beaten Neon Green with that. As long as you never stopped moving forward, you should now have the platinum medal. Don’t be surprised if you have to repeat this one a few times though, as the timing is pretty tight.

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