World of Warcraft Player creates Azeroth-style world maps of Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana and Ohio

World of Warcraft Player creates Azeroth-style world maps of Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana and Ohio

World of Warcraft Player creates Azeroth-style world maps of Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana and Ohio

A World of Warcraft player and cartographer creates maps of Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana and Ohio in his quest to Azerothify every state in the US.

World maps are an iconic part of many games, but few world maps have a style as recognizable as World of Warcraft† An artist and World of Warcraft fan has created Azeroth-style world maps of Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, and Ohio during his ongoing mission to map the 50 United States of America.

ConservationOfWumbo, also known as EthanolMaps, is a World of Warcraft fan who has become known for his extensive collection of Classic WoW-style world maps of different states. A few days ago, fans got a glimpse of how he’s progressing with his project.


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The most recent effort of ConservationOfWumbo’s ongoing project includes the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, and Ohio. Each of the states has its major cities, highways, and landmarks displayed as key locations, as in an in-game World of Warcraft Map. Created in Adobe Photoshop, the cards perfectly recreate the iconic style of Wow and look like they can be pulled straight from the game. Perhaps the best flavor detail of these maps is the Devilsaur Monument in northwestern Colorado: ConservationOfWumbo’s Azerothean version of the Dinosaur National Monument on the border of Colorado and Utah.

So far, ConservationOfWumbo has made exceptional progress in its quest, mapping 28 of the 50 states to date. He took a break from his state mission to Wow-style card from Skyrim and New York City, but he’s off to a flying start. With only 22 states left, ConservationOfWumbo might be able to complete them all before the end of the year. All of ConservationOfWumbo’s maps can be purchased as posters, postcards, or on canvas through his Etsy, EthanolMaps.

World of Warcraft fans are always excited to see ConservationOfWambo’s work. Every time he posts his work, ConservationOfWumbo gains more and more fans, and these states elicited nearly 150 comments in just a few days. With over 1,000 sales on his Etsy, it’s no exaggeration to say he’s one of the most established habits World of Warcraftstyle mapmakers out there.

But he’s not the only one. There are several other artists who have made other countries and regions on Earth World of Warcraft zones. Winston-91, Nomadichedgehog and Spoon have made maps of several European countries, and Spoon even made a map of Australia in the style of Burning Crusades map of Abroad. Perhaps if all these artists put their works together, World of Warcraft fans will eventually have an Azeroth-style world map of the entire planet.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC.

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Source: Reddit/ConservationOfWumbo, Etsy/EthanolMaps