You need to claim this decades-defining sci-fi game on PS Plus ASAP

You need to claim this decades-defining sci-fi game on PS Plus ASAP

You need to claim this decades-defining sci-fi game on PS Plus ASAP

a decade ago, a unique game was released. Set in a post-apocalyptic America, it would follow a man who reluctantly embarks on a mission to rescue a girl he doesn’t know across the perilous ruins of civilization. With Sony’s new PS Plus rollout, this classic title is now available for players to sink their teeth into. I’m sure we all know what game I’m talking about.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Oh, you thought I was talking about? The last of us† As awesome as Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, Ninja Theory was released three years earlier Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. It is a game full of incredible stories and excellent gameplay mechanics thanks to a top team that even included two talented members of Hollywood.

The A-Team

Andy Serkis portrays Monkey.20th Century Fox

After completing work on their 2007 game heavenly sword, Ninja Theory started working on a new project. While exploring ideas for heavenly sword, Director Tameem Antoniades stumbled upon the 16th-century Chinese epic Journey to the West† Thinking back to the epic story, Antoniades came up with the idea to create a video game that told a loose adaptation of the story.

The original epic follows a monkey named Sun Wukong on his journey to restore Buddhist texts from across Asia. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West would follow the character Monkey into a future Earth as he led the woman Trip to her village.

To make the project a success, Ninja Theory began assembling an A-Team of talent. The developer had made a name for himself as a studio bent on giving video games a cinematic quality with heavenly sword† One way the studio achieved this was by partnering with special effects company Weta Digital, known for its work on the Lord of the Rings movies. In addition, the artist behind Gollum, Andy Serkis, helped the team with motion capture direction and even played a character in heavenly sword† In front of enslaved, Serkis reunites with the studio to play the part of Monkey. (It’s fitting that Serkis also did mocap for the three Planet of the Apes movies from the 2010s.)

when adjusting Journey to the West in a video game, Ninja Theory enlisted the help of writer Alex Garland. Garland was a writer for the movie at the time 28 days later and wanted to get involved in video games. Today, Garland is best known as a director and writer of films such as Ex Machina and Destruction

Garland and Serkis teamed up with Ninja Theory to create a game that felt cinematic in scope and execution. A decade earlier god of war did long lasts, enslaved was trying to give a cinematic feel to how the camera moved, like how the game transitions smoothly between cutscenes and gameplay.

Way ahead of its time

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the many games that owe a lot to Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestSony

In the middle of enslaved is the relationship between Monkey and Trip. The story is enhanced by the gameplay as the player can send Trip to help Monkey in certain tasks. Monkey’s mission requires him to keep Trip alive, leading to moments in the game where you need to be aware of enemies attacking you, as well as any threats to Trip.

Three years later enslaved was released, both The last of us and Bioshock: infinite recommended companions as important aspects of the game. The last of us was praised for Ellie’s characterization and gameplay. Elizabeth in endless could be ordered to perform certain tasks in combat. Both games owe a lot to the work Ninja Theory did Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

The story itself follows Monkey and Trip to the point where they discover secrets about the civilization on Earth that came before the apocalypse, including revelations about why today’s world is overrun with robotic monsters. Guerilla Games have openly discussed the links Horizon Zero Dawn must Enslaved. Overall, the game offers players a varied number of gameplay experiences that are all equally revolutionary.

Although the game was not a commercial success, it still has a cult following for its incredible writing style, performances and gameplay. All the result of Ninja Theory’s incredible team working with talented people like Andy Serkis and Alex Garland. Now that the game is available on PS Plus, more people should experience this Enslaved: Odyssey to the West† It is arguably the most influential game of the past decade.