YouTuber Makes SNES Demake Of Elden Ring

YouTuber Makes SNES Demake Of Elden Ring

YouTuber Makes SNES Demake Of Elden Ring

An SNES demake of the Lands Between is showing up on YouTube, but Elden Ring fans may want to hold off on opening their wallets for the game.

While remakes or remasters of an older game can breathe new life into it, a demake evokes a more nostalgic feeling in gamers as it shows what current titles would look like if they were made on older machines. With YouTubers and independent programmers sharing demake videos and even playable games, like a recent N64 Portal recreation, it seems there is still a demand for new titles to look like they belong on classic machines. Of Elden Ring as one of the most popular titles of 2022, it’s no surprise that it has received a few demakes.


The last Elden Ring demake comes from YouTuber 64 Bits, who has previously made other nostalgic gaming videos such as showing what a crossover between Mass effect and Advance Wars would look like. Now they’ve made a short video showing what the Lands Between would look like on an SNES. Even with only about 90 seconds of footage, this demake is very impressive, as it gives a completely new representation Elden Ring for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system.

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Replacing a 16-bit graphic style Elden Ring’s more modern look, starting first from a top-down perspective before switching to a side-scrolling viewpoint when the player is depicted fighting through some of the game areas. The map is not traversed as an open world, but instead the player runs over the actual map that can be opened in Elden Ring† Of course there are also boss fight clips, something that isn’t Elden Ring fan creation would be complete without it.

Radahn is briefly seen and the room in which the player fights with him is covered with an atmospheric red cloud. Malenia also appears, and her fight looks just as hard as it does in real life Elden Ring† Even with all this impressive content, 64 Bits has stated that the video is just that, and it’s not intended to be a full demake of Elden Ring† No doubt fans will be disappointed by this news, but there are others Elden Ring demakes planned to be playable, such as one with the style of the original Game Boy.

There are some Elden Ring demakes shared with fans since the game’s release, with one fan abandoning the SNES look and showing what the game would look like in a PS1 style. Other FromSoftware games have also gotten the demake treatment lately. bloodborne even got a fully playable PSX recreation, and some speedrunners beat all the bosses in less than 15 minutes.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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